Not The Only One is a project designed to reach out to university students who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. As a group, CSA survivors are often invisible, not only to society, but also to each other, and suffer from stigma and isolation. At the same time, survivors tend to experience great difficulties especially in young adulthood, and often face a lack of understanding and support. Through workshops, presentations, support groups, and open forums, this project aims to create spaces for young survivors to come together, raise awareness, and offer specialist therapeutic support.



The Survivors' Forum is a space for students who have experienced sexual abuse to come together to share experiences, discuss themes and issues which affect them, support each other, and engage in 'survivor activism' if they wish. The focus will be on childhood sexual abuse, but the forums are open to all students who have experienced any form of sexual violence. Each month the forum will have a theme which we will explore together in the first hour, followed by a short comfort break, and time for reflection and more informal chats in the second hour.  Open to students from the University of Kent as well as Christ Church University.


The forums are facilitated by Silke Grygier, who is a survivor activist, psychologist, and dramatherapist, together with co-facilitators from her Not The Only One project. All facilitators are survivors themselves.